How to Set Up a Search Campaign in Google Adwords


AdWords Search competitions are an integral part of Google’s AdWords advancing stage. Creating
impressive campaigns become crucial if you are looking forward to take your business displaying
efforts to the next level.

Important factors to keep in mind during Campaign creation:

● Landing Page Experience
● Ad Relevance
● Expected Click-Through-Rates
● Quality Score.



Begin by choosing your Google Adwords/Ads account, and then click on Campaigns from your
dashboard. After this, you need to click on the ‘+‘ button.


search campaign


Next, you will be redirected to a page, as shown below. From here you have to choose the best goal,
that suits your google adwords campaign, or create a unique campaign goal of yours.



Next step is to select your campaign type, out of the 4 options provided to you.



Now you can select goals for your google adwords campaign based on your own success metrics, whether it be a
telephone call, an email signup, or a purchase. If you choose to use goals, Google Ads provides
recommendations for features and settings that can help you meet those goals.

The next step is to specify goals for your campaign. These could be any unique metrics like
a telephone call, purchase or even an email sign ups. Once you make a decision to use goals, then
you will be provided recommendations for settings and features by Google Adwords. And these
recommendations will surely help you meet your goals.


search campaign


Next, you will be redirected to a page, which displays your campaign name. Though Google
provides your campaign with a default name, you should edit on it to make your campaign more
specific and appropriate. This will help you to convey the exact theme of your campaign to your


campaign name


Coming up next is choosing your networks settings. This will decide where exactly you want your ad
to appear, based on the campaign type that you have chosen. If you want your ad to appear on
Google search sites and non Google search sites( like TOI), that has partnered with Google to
display search ads, then you can choose the Google Search Network.


search network


Now, it is time to target your audience based on their locations. So choose your target locations. You
can also add on multiple locations or even target your audience over a radius or around a specific
location. Click on Advanced Features, and add on your required locations.


Advanced search


Once your done with choosing your locations, next task to choose the desired languages that your
campaign is targeting upon.




Next, comes the important part of your campaigns, where in you will have to set up your budget and
delivery method. Delivery types are basically divided into two, standard and accelerated.

  • Standard delivery is the most recommended method, wherein your budget will be spent evenly, on a
    daily basis.
  • Accelerated delivery will utilise your budget at high speed, in such a way that it might get over in the
    end of the day.



Next step is to choose your bidding strategy and this is one of the main focus of your campaigns.

  1. Conversions: This refers to the actions you gain via ad interaction with your audience like purchase,
    or sign up.
  2. Conversion value: This refers to the financial status for each of your conversions.
  3. Clicks: refers to the clicks that you have received on your page.




If you are looking forward to improve your quality score and Ad performance, the very next thing you
need to do is to include ad extensions. These extensions, make your ads more informative, as they
will include details like location, links to various pages on your website, phone number and much

These extensions include:

  • Sitelink Extensions
  • Callout Extensions
  • Call Extensions

In the bottom of your campaign creation ‘page, click on “Additional Settings” to find :

  • Structured Snippet Extensions
  • App Extensions
  • Message Extensions
  • Promotion Extensions
  • Price Extensions
  • Location Extensions


Finally, here is a summary of all the points listed above.

  • Choose campaigns, on your Dashbaord

○ Click on the +CAMPAIGN button
○ Choose “Search Network Only”
○ Name your campaign and , click on “All Features” for flexibility in terms of

  •  In Networks > Click “Include Search Partners”
    Add targeted Locations > Enter where in the world exactly, you want your Ad to display.
    ● Bid Strategy > Enter budget of your campaign
    ● Add Ad extensions >Add required extensions like Location, Sitelinks, Call Extensions,
    Callout Extensions, Mobile App Extensions (unavailable for Search Network Only
    ● Focus on Ad Scheduling > choose when you want your Ads to show. To make bid
    adjustments based on timing.


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